3rd October 2023

Successful tasting of Meatable’s cultivated pork products in Singapore ahead of launch in 2024

  • Meatable held a successful cultivated meat tasting event in Singapore for press and partners.
  • This tasting followed last month’s announcement by the company on securing another USD 35 million in funding, to be used towards scaling up further and commercialization.
  • With this, Meatable is on track to launch into the Singaporean market in 2024, followed by the US and beyond.

Meatable, the industry-leading company in the production of cultivated meat, has held a full tasting experience of its cultivated pork meat products in Singapore on September 27th. The tasting of its flagship sausages and pulled pork allows the company to collect valuable feedback from the press and relevant stakeholders in order to further develop, optimize and launch its products in restaurants and supermarkets, with a view to have them on sale in 2024. The tasting followed approval by the Singapore Food Agency, which has stringent safety requirements and a clear framework of criteria that companies need to meet. Moreover, it comes at a time when (regulatory) developments around the world show positive momentum for the future of cultivated meat.

Tasting event

The tasting event in Singapore proved invaluable for collecting feedback on the taste and texture of Meatable’s products. A select group of stakeholders were invited to try Meatable’s cultivated meat products, including a cultivated pork sausage and pulled pork, featuring the pronounced pork flavor, bite, and texture that is found in traditional meat. In the coming months, Meatable will organize more tastings in Singapore and internationally, to educate future partners and consumers as well as gain learnings on how to further optimize its products.

Lynda Hong – The Straits Times

“Today’s launch of the Meatable cultivated meat product was quite interesting. I never really tried cultivated meat before, and I think it tastes very much like the real stuff.”

Daniele Sperdindio – ART

“It’s a very exciting new frontier that we are approaching. It’s definitely down my alley. I feel the product is really, really interesting. It’s very comparable [to traditional meat], I would say.”

Stephan Zoisl – Chef’s Table

“Did I like the cultivated meat? Definitely! It’s a new revolution. I think cultivated meat will disrupt the world!”

Krijn de Nood, co-founder and CEO of Meatable

“We are delighted to have delivered this tasting event in Singapore and humbled by the responses we got. It is a great way for us to collect their feedback and optimize our products even further. This is also an important step towards full regulatory approval for sales in Singapore. All this helps us move closer to fulfilling our mission to satisfy the world’s appetite for meat without harming people, animals, or the planet.”

Positive momentum for cultivated meat

Only last month, Meatable announced it has raised USD 35 million in new funding, bringing its total funding to USD 95 million. The funding will be used to further scale the company’s processes and accelerate commercial launch in Singapore and beyond. In Singapore, Meatable has started production of its products together with ESCO Aster. ESCO Aster is the first and only commercially licensed cultivated meat manufacturer in the country and makes Singapore Meatable’s first production site outside of its headquarters in The Netherlands. Meatable has also begun co-development of its hybrid product range with Asia’s first plant-based butcher, Love Handle. Starting in Singapore, Meatable’s products, including sausages and pulled pork, are planned to be available in selected restaurants and retailers from 2024.

To truly make an impact however, cultivated meat needs to be widely available. This summer, the US authorities for the first time approved the sale of cultivated chicken for two cultivated meat companies. On top of that, the Netherlands recently put forward a framework for companies to organize cultivated meat tastings, as the first country in the European Union to officially do so. These developments are illustrative of governments embracing promising developments in the cultivated meat industry.

Innovative technology to produce cultivated meat at scale

To make its cultivated pork, Meatable takes a single sample of cells from an animal without harming it and replicates the natural growth process of the cells using patented opti-ox™ technology combined with pluripotent stem cells. This technology makes it possible for Meatable to produce real muscle and fat cells in only eight days, 30 times faster than the time it takes to rear a pig for pork. Owing to this efficiency, Meatable has all processes in place to be able to scale cultivated meat production affordably and provide a genuine solution to the challenges the growing meat consumption poses to our planet.














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