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About Meatable

What is Meatable?

Meatable is a company pioneering a way to make real meat without the need to harm animals or the planet.

Why should I switch to your meat?

With our product you can enjoy real meat, without any of the drawbacks associated with traditional farming. No animals are killed, fewer emissions are released, and significantly less land and water are required. And, unlike plant-based alternatives, our product is literally meat. It has the same taste, texture and nutritional benefits — it’s exactly the same thing.

How will Meatable’s cultivated meat contribute to a better planet?

Several studies have shown that cultivated meat may require up to 90% less land and water, and emit up to 90% fewer greenhouse gases. It’s too early to know the exact environmental footprint, but we’re making every effort to optimise our production process for sustainability.

Our process

How is your meat made?

At Meatable, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. It all starts with a cell taken from an unharmed cow or pig. We use this to replicate the natural process of fat and muscle growth, mixing together muscle and fat cells in proportions that emulate traditional cuts of meat. It’s a new natural process that makes meat with no compromises.

How long does it take to create cultivated meat?

It’s a process that takes only a couple of weeks. Whereas to raise a pig until it’s large enough for slaughter takes around nine months, for a cow it even takes years.

What types of meat do you make?

We are currently focused on beef and pork, as cow and pig farming are the most destructive to the planet.

Do you use Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) to make your meat?

No, for a simple reason: we’re committed to making meat without causing any harm at all to animals. So we’ve developed a production process that doesn’t require FBS.

The meat

What will it taste like?

It will taste like the meat you already know. In fact, because so much industrial farming focuses on efficiency over the health of the animals being reared, it should taste better.

Is it healthy?

We see meat as an essential part of a balanced diet. It’s an important source of protein and contains various vitamins. We want people to enjoy eating our meat as part of their healthy diet.

How much will it cost?

For us, it’s essential that our meat is available to and affordable for everyone. So it will, at the very least, be the same price range as traditional meat. It’s our mission to make meat production more sustainable and efficient. But we’ll only have a positive impact on climate change if people can actually afford to buy our product.

When will it be in stores?

We’re aiming to have our product in stores by 2025.

Getting involved

Can I invest?

While we’re not currently open to individual investments, we’re hugely excited about all the love for our mission. It’s extremely encouraging, and shows that people all around the world believe that we can positively transform the industry. The best thing to do is follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date with any developments and the progress we make on this journey.

Can I get involved?

We’re always excited to have passionate people join us, and our team is growing quickly.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Meatable family, check out the open roles below. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter, as we’ll be posting announcements of new openings there.

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