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About the role

Our research and development team is growing fast, and their analytical needs are getting too substantial to keep handling these in the current team structure. As we are preparing for launch and the corresponding food safety and quality checks, we are looking for a highly talented manager to build this cross-functional analytical team and grow it as our business evolves.

Meatable is in the middle of two worlds; while our day to day work is mostly focused on cellular biology (and thus most of our immediate analytical needs are in e.g. mammalian cell culture and cell-based assays, and expertise in flow cytometry, qPCR, microscopy and imaging analysis), we are effectively in the innovative food business, and thus require assays, quality checks and traceability that are required to get our products approved. Therefore, we are looking for somebody who understands both worlds we are active in. For example a candidate with an educational background and a couple of years research experience in a (cellular) biological or biomedical subject to really understand our researchers and for hands-on experience with their analytical methods, who shifted careers to the food business in an analytical manager role, so that he/she also understands the requirements to get a food product approved.

Our preferred candidate is currently/has been a lead or manager of an analytical team. Somebody who understands the types of analytics we need now and in the future, and is able to build this team – the people, protocols, methods. We are looking for somebody who brings extensive knowledge from earlier analytical (or even certified) lab experience, but is flexible enough to translate this knowledge into specific needs that fit with the phase Meatable is currently in, and will be in in the future.


  • PHD in a cell biological or biomedical subject + 2/3 years ofexperience as a researcher in these fields. After this 5+ years experience as manager of an analytical team in the food business with experience in market launches. We are looking for experience with:
  • From cell biology side: Mammalian cell culture and cell-based assays, and expertise in flow cytometry, qPCR, microscopy and imaging analysis.
  • From food business side: Knowledge of required assays, quality standards and traceability required for (innovative) food product approval. A clear view of analytical methods and assays used in both the research phase as well as during development & approval.
  • Experience in cross-functional alignment, a non-educational environment, and building teams/departments.
  • A clear view of the type of analytics/methods/assays needed for a company like Meatable, in the research phase as well as in preparation for launch.
  • Bringing in knowledge as well as contacts from analytics as well as experience in analytical/certified lab(s), but flexible enough to adjust this knowledge to the quickly changing and sometimes ambiguous start-up environment we have at Meatable.
  • Candidates who are more focused on either the food business or the cellular biological topic are also welcome to apply. Please specify in the cover letter how you feel your specific profile can still help bridge the cellular biology and food worlds.

Meatable Offers

  • A competitive salary
  • Participation in our employee stock option plan and pension plan
  • A dynamic work environment in a new exciting field using cutting edge technologies, working with the leaders in the field
  • A caring culture with strong emphasis on team performance and personal development
  • A gym membership

If you think there is a match we would love to receive your CV and a short motivation. Please follow the link and apply*:

* In your application, please be as specific as possible as to what experience you have to bring to our team.

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